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About ACEP

This company was founded by professionals because we became fed up with the lack of flexible and, most importantly, reasonably priced continuing education options that were available to us in our respective professions.  Continuing education providers were charging us astronomical registration fees for courses that were offered at times and locations that were not convenient with our extremely busy practices.  Worse off, we found the course content that we were paying top dollar for to be in many cases outdated or presented in a manner that was not providing the educational experience we desired.  What we have found is that this is a common problem across the professions when it comes to continuing education. 

With ACEP, we set out on a mission to create a high quality and easy to use educational platform.  Our goals are to give professionals the ability to meet their continuing education obligations in a convenient and affordable approach while providing cutting edge content delivered by some of the leading professionals in their specialty areas.  Simply put, the Academy of Continuing Education for the Professions, LLC is the way that today's continuing education should be.  We look forward to working with you. 

Our Founders

Michael K. Sullivan, Esq.

Joseph Zavaglia, Jr. Esq.


Abbott Brown

Chen Li

Stephen M. Bacigalupo, II, Esq.

Warren Brumel, Esq.

Lubna Qazi-Chowdhry

John DeSantis, Jr.

Gary Ehrlich, Esq.

Matthew Gitterman, Esq.

Alla Londres, Esq.

George Karousatos, Esq.

David LaRocca

Matthew LaRocca

Jonathan H. Lomurro, Esq.

Eric Lubin

Michael E. McMahon, Esq.

Gary L. Pinckney, Esq.

Brent R. Pohlman, Esq.

Pete Strauss

Iram P. Valentin, Esq.

Jody T. Walker, Esq.

Michael T. Warshaw, Esq.

Sean Wirth

A common sense and convenient approach to meeting continuing education needs and requirements.

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