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Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam: Topics Covered

November 20th, 2015


Are you thinking about taking the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE)? Here's a list of each of the five major sections and what topics they cover. The percentages indicate how much of the entire test each section comprises.


Domain One: Administration of Client Matter (23%)

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Conducting a Conflicts Check
  • Develop, organize, and maintain a client file
  • Develop and maintain a calendar
  • Develop and maintain databases
  • Coordinate events, activities, and services related to client matters


Domain Two: Development of client matters (30%)

  • Interviewing prospective clients
  • Analyzing facts and information gathered from client
  • Serve as liaison among client, counsel and other resources
  • Collaborate with counsel, client, consultants, and other resources on an ongoing basis
  • Prepare and/or coordinate the preparation of legal and factual documents, exhibits, evidence, and/or other information related to client matter
  • Prepare, file, and serve documents related to client matter
  • Prepare client, witnesses, experts, counsel, and other individuals for legal proceedings and events
  • Assist client, counsel, and other individuals
  • Facilitate disposition of client legal matters


Domain Three: Factual and Legal Research (22%)

  • Obtain factual, procedural, legal, and other types of information
  • Investigate and compile facts and information from internal or external sources
  • Inspect and evaluate relevant evidence and/or information
  • Ascertain legal authority
  • Analyze relevant legal authorities to determine their applicability to the client’s matter
  • Validate and update legal research
  • Acquire current information


Domain Four: Factual and Legal Writing (20.5%)

  • Communicate with client, counsel, and other individuals or entities
  • Prepare and/or draft documents
  • Prepare and/or draft analytical documents


Domain Five: Office Administration (4.5%)

  • Coordinate activities to create an efficient and effective work environment
  • Acquire technology and materials
  • Coordinate and utilize vendor services
  • Create and maintain a library of legal and factual resources
  • Develop and maintain a billing system
  • Manage workflow
  • Educate current and prospective clients


This list comes from our PACE review course which covers each of these topics in depth and includes practice tests, interactivity, and 24/7 support from experienced legal educators.



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